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Dorky Beasts

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Gikwang being obvious much… :P

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비스트 기광 ♥



My Eeveelution inspired nails, I still have the other evolution’s to go, but I thought these came out cute..! ^^ These are Sylveon and Vaporeon inspired.

The Snow Queen & Jack Frost by 阿肝


me every time i eat tbh

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The King of all vampires.

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One Piece 30 Day Challenge

Day 18: A particular scene in Alabasta
Symbol of our friendship~~~

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One Piece Ep 627

For all you one piece fans out there.. i don't know about you.. but this episode had me in tears.. Out of all Cameo characters the kung fu dugong is my favourite. I know its just an anime but my tears wouldn't stop when he was begging for the peto peto guy to stop luffy and law fighting. This is one of the reasons this anime as a special place in my heart. The motif of friendship. <3 i personally don't read the manga, but i think i'll start now.. waiting for the episodes to comes out takes to long ^_^ ONE PIECE <3

The way Baekhyun looks at Luhan…